Characters(Organized and Finished)

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Characters(Organized and Finished)

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Name: Doctor Ethan Melthodas

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Bio(Could just be part of it, and rest be showed in rp): Almost nothing is known about his past, except for the nicknamed he had earned by hunters as "Instant Death" due to a credible report stating Ethan had killed out dozens of Hunters in an instant.
Personality(Doesn't have to have too much detail): Ever one to see the bigger picture, Ethan likes to act like a bored innocent teacher, however in reality he is extremely cunning, unpredictable, and above all highly determined once he sets his mind on a goal.
Like/Dislikes(At least three for each):
+ Having the advantage
+ Misleading others into thinking he is anything but a major player in anything
+ Puzzles and mysteries
- Hunters in general
- Being tricked or lied to
- Being blackmailed
Extra(?): Teaches Abnormal Biology for Beginners
and is a Human.




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