Important Information

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Important Information

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Basic Information:

  • Monstrum High School is a educational establishment created as a safe environment for supernatural creatures and/or those with supernatural abilities to gain an education outside conventional methods.

  • Hunters are humans who both decided that those of the supernatural are either a threat to humanity or a plague that must be eradicated, and have the weapons to kill those of the supernatural.

School Classes Information:
School Information:

Main First Year Classes

Abnormal Biology For Beginners-

A class that teaches the biology of many types of supernatural creatures.
Math I-
A regular math class.
A regular class that deals with physical education.
Self-Defense Basics-
A class that teaches the basics of how to defend yourself.
Introductory to Magical Basics-
A class that teaches the basic fundamentals of magic and magical items and/or weapons.
Alchemy For Beginners-
A class that teaches basic alchemy, mostly of the potion-making kind.

More information to be added


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